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STOL Grassoppers t/o & land under 100 Saját videótáramba teszem ezt!
Felnőtt tartalom! Elmúlt már 18 éves?
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feltöltve: 2008-07-01 12:46:34
feltöltő: valterwolf
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Tetszik a videó! Szavazok rá!

A great video proving our point: if these STOL aircraft once in the air can get over 200+ have to ask whats the benefit of more expensive, louder, slower, hotter exhaust helicopters? A diesel piston-engined STOL plane can be engine exhaust muffled to be ZERO offering no MANPADS SAM infared signature and be co-located with the ground maneuver units they are providing maneuver air support. The words of former Iraqi Coalition Authority Director of Air Ops, Major General George Molan, Australian Defence Forces: &quotEven in this, the highest technology war in history, there is a role for a man in a light manoeuvrable aircraft who can use his initiative, report and transfer data, remain on station with the ground troops day and night and most importantly, establish a personal relationship with the warriors.I do not accept the argument that a manned aircraft cannot be used ... due to the threat. I believe that this argument has been confused by the control of training and operations of the aircraft by the U.S. Air Force in Iraq. The threat to the pilot of ... aircraft in Iraq operations ... is far less than to the equivalent Soldier on the ground in an equally expensive and complicated armoured vehicle. The benefit in having a pilot in the loop in talking to troops on the ground is priceless, particularly in less highly technically advanced armed forces. The threat to a pilot manoevring low to optimise his effectiveness is not at all unreasonable in an Iraq-like insurgency. Threat is relative and should not be judged by highly sophisticated U.S. standards.&quot WW2, the 11th Airborne did an airborne troop insertion with L4 Grasshopper Cubs... to know more? Our book, &quotAir-Mech-Strike: Asymmetric Maneuver Warfare for the 21st Century&quot is ONLINE for FREE skyjacked by Google! (more)
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