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Carlo Gambino (3/3) Saját videótáramba teszem ezt!
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feltöltve: 2009-04-02 07:34:30
feltöltő: badabing
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kulcs: crime, gambinos, mafia, gambino, carlo,
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Carlo Gambino was literally born into organized crime in Palermo, Sicily, 24th August, 1902. Like most of the families in his neighbourhood, the Gambinos were well-connected to the Mafia. His mother was a Castellano, a family name that commanded great respect from those who knew the wrath of the Honoured Society. As Benito Mussolini rose to power and promised to rid Sicily of the Mafia, Carlo knew his future lay in America. With the help of his Castellano relatives already in the states, Carlo stowed away aboard a freighter and crossed the Atlantic in November of 1921. During World War II, Carlo made his first million dollars selling stolen and counterfeit ration stamps. By age 45, Carlo invested in a broad range of businesses, legal and illegal, with the money that he made throughout his criminal career. Carlo owned everything from meat markets, fat rendering plants, and trucking companies, to restaurants, pizza parlours, and even gay bars. Carlos trademark was his meek physical demeanour, accented by a hawks beak nose, and his polite, grandfatherly way. He preferred to work things out with his rivals, but would not hesitate to have someone clipped when they stood in his way. Law enforcement kept a watchful eye on Carlo Gambino, but was never able to bring about any convictions. One group that was able to put a hurt on Carlo was a group of Irish thugs who kidnapped Carlos nephew, Manny Gambino and killed him. Carlo put out a contract to take care of Mannys murderers. That contract went to a rising tough guy by the name of John Gotti. Carlo died of a heart attack on 15th October 1976.
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